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by Thomas Blake

Thirteen albums in, and you’d expect most artists to have settled on a winning formula. That’s not quite the case with David Ivar. Every Herman Dune album is recognisable as such, but each one approaches a distinct theme in a unique way. On Sweet Thursday Ivar tackles contemporary America from a personal standpoint, through the lens of literature and with an omnivorous knowledge of the history of music.



Random Lengths

By Melina Paris

DI:“Living in big cities like Paris and Los Angeles, where life is centered around gathering enough dough to survive, can really make you forget the real joys of existence, and Sweet Thursday is one of these books that are here to remind you what they are (including reading Steinbeck).”

RL: "San Pedro artist David Ivar of the band Herman Dune will soon release an indie-folk album called Sweet Thursday, entirely recorded in two days here in town at Ivar’s Santa Cruz Studio. This is all clear enough but may become puzzling as the multiple expressions of David Ivar are revealed."

About RL: “A newspaper is not just for reporting the news as it is, but to make people mad enough to do something about it.” -Mark Twain


It's Psychedelic Baby

By Zack Kopp

DI:“K.D.M. is Kyle Duncan McNeill, who plays bass and sings in my band, I knew him as a songwriter before we even played together. And literally we sing so often together that he's often IN MY EARS...”

IPB: "These are great blues songs, in a transplanted Euro-American meta-blues way"

About IPB: "It's Psychedelic Baby is an independent, music magazine. We are covering alternative, underground, non-commercial and non-mainstream artists in variety of shapes and genres."



by Evelyn McDonnell

I first heard David Ivar sing at House 1002, a store where folks seek and discover odd treasures, on Pacific Avenue in San Pedro, CA, the Los Angeles neighborhood David and I both call home. Amid House’s cavernous space crammed with anchors and old tools and bamboo couches and vintage chandeliers, he sang Leonard Cohen, Lou Reed, and Tom Waits in a gentle loving tone, not an imitation of those rough-edged troubadours but a heartfull tribute. Pacific runs from the end of the Harbor Freeway to Sunken City, the off-limits tumble of asphalt and palm trees where seven decades ago, a housing development slipped into the sea. Until a damn 7-11 opened a few years ago, there were no chain stores on Pacific, just mom-and-pop ventures like House. This port town is a community of independent businesses and immigrants – a perfect spot for a French-Swedish anti-folk anti-hero to lay his Greek fisherman hat.



Unnecessary Robots

Unnecessary Robots with Tianna Miller. A 40 minute Face-To-Face where David Ivar talks writing, inspiration, music, California, and details what quality he found in giving up his phone


Broke-Ass Stuart

Dune decided that telling you how much they loved their new home simply wasn’t enough – they would have to show you. The idea of a video campaign seemed natural and in only 2 weeks Sullivan and Dune filmed 9 music videos, one for each song on the album.


New Noise

At a recent show of Mike Watt & The Missing Men in a warehouse on the docks near my house, Mike shouted out to the audience, “Release your own stuff! Put out your own music!”. I felt like the King of the San Pedro Punk Scene was pointing at me to inspire me in my process of going back to doing things myself, my own label, my own everything!


Stereo Embers

"The acclaimed veteran musician and visual artist has lived much of his life on the road and in the process of artistic creation"