Herman Dune - Sweet Thursday

This is the first Herman Dune album in 7 Years!!!

"Thirteen albums in, and you’d expect most artists to have settled on a winning formula. That’s not quite the case with David Ivar. Every Herman Dune album is recognisable as such, but each one approaches a distinct theme in a unique way. On Sweet Thursday Ivar tackles contemporary America from a personal standpoint, through the lens of literature and with an omnivorous knowledge of the history of music." - FOLK RADIO UK

"These are great blues songs, in a transplanted Euro-American meta-blues way" -IT'S PSYCHEDELIC BABY

Sweet Thursday Album Cover photo by Mayon Hanania, Artwork by David Ivar

Sweet Thursday Album Cover photo by Mayon Hanania, Artwork by David Ivar


WEEK #9: Oh Sweet Thursday

(On every Thursday, a new song from SWEET THURSDAY has been revealed here with a video by Brett Sullivan)

Album is OUT NOW!!!!

Sweet Thursday is the first Herman Dune album in 7 Years! Out on Santa Cruz Records, and recorded at Santa Cruz Studios in San Pedro, California

Limited Run & Limited Time for Ultra Deluxe Vinyl LP, K7 Tape, Enamel Pins+Digital, 48-p Fanzine, Picture Disc, Original Art & Oil Portraits

"I want to share my vision of what an album can be, with a delicate sound, and a physical and artistic presence. Like a sculptor sells a bronze to his collectors, even if the whole world can enjoy postcards of his work for free on the internet..." -David Ivar Herman Dune

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David Ivar: Music & Lyrics

Guitar & voice by David Ivar

Bass & Harmony by Kyle McNeill

Drums by Lewis Pullman


Hammond Organ by Jason Hiller

Backing Vocals by Mayon

Produced by David Ivar & Kyle McNeill

Recorded by Jason Hiller at Santa Cruz Studios

Mixed by Adam Selzer

Mastered by Mike Cave at Loft Mastering, London

Cover artwork by David Ivar

Photography by Mayon

Sweet Thursday

Herman Dune captures something unfashionably warm-hearted and timeless” - BBC (Gary Mulholland)

David Ivar Herman Dune proves to be a witty narrator” - Rolling Stone

"I always follow and collect the songs of David Herman Dune… from lo-fi home recordings to studio productions!  He continually provides me with the very best example of what a songwriter should be, with charm and bravery and tremendous heart.”  - Jeffrey ‘Lightning’ Lewis

"I have said that David-Ivar 'Yaya' Herman Dune is like the Parisian Jonathan Richman. I have said he's like the Leonard Cohen I know. He's a deep songwriter with a powerfully unique voice." - Jolie Holland